June 21, 2021

You do not need to produce your own electricity to reduce the damage you do to the world and to make your living space more ecological. You can create an ecological living space with micro measures you can take in your home. At Elitech Group, we investigated how you can transform your home into a more ecological living space in simple ways. You can continue reading for the answer.

1- Use Water Consciously.

We are aware that the most serious crisis awaiting the world in the future is the water crisis. For this reason, it is necessary to use it consciously so that the most precious natural resource, water, is not wasted. On behalf of a conscious use of water; household type water treatment systems can be used, saving reservoirs can be used. Simply turning off the tap while brushing your teeth saves a lot of water.

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2- Optimize Your Energy Consumption.

You should use suitable windows in order to benefit from the heat and light of the sun. Thus, you can benefit greatly from the largest natural resource, the sun, and minimize energy consumption. Click now for uPVC tilt and rotation windows that will minimize your energy consumption. In terms of providing high thermal insulation, it will positively affect your energy consumption.

3- Don’t Miss The Plants From Your Homes.

For cleaner and fresher air, you can take advantage of natural ways instead of electric ventilation systems. You can solve this problem with the help of plants that clean the air in the environment and increase the quality of the air. Thus, you can complete one more step to transform your home into a more ecological living space. Plants such as rubber tree, ribbon flower, aloe vera, wall ivy have air purification properties.

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4- Reduce Plastic Consumption.

You can reduce the use of products made of plastic materials, especially disposable cups, spoons, plates, bags. You can choose products that you can use for a long time instead of disposable plastics that take many years to dissolve in nature.

5- Sort Your Garbage For Recycling.

If we are talking about an ecological house, it is impossible not to mention recycling. You can recycle products such as plastic, glass, paper, batteries by collecting them in different places.

6- Prefer Energy Saving Bulbs.

You should take care to use energy-saving bulbs instead of bulbs that consume more energy than you think. Thus, you can prevent the release of 65 cubic meters of greenhouse gas per year into the atmosphere. It is also worth remembering that energy saving bulbs last longer than other bulbs.

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7- Produce Your Own Compost.

You can produce fertile soil yourself, which shows great results in potted plants, ornamental plants, tree bottoms. For this, it will be sufficient to collect the shells of the foods used in the kitchen in a container and wait for three weeks.

8- Avoid Chemical Cleaning Materials.

You should prefer natural cleaning materials instead of chemical cleaning materials that have a very harmful effect on natural resources, especially human health.

9- Smart Home System

You can greatly reduce the unnecessary energy use at home by controlling it remotely. By taking advantage of the blessings of technology, you can turn off the lights, adjust the heat even when you are not at home, and thus reduce the negative impact you leave on the earth.

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10- Pay Attention to the Features While Buying or Renting the House.

It is a wrong attitude to buy or rent a house due to the location of the house and aesthetic concerns. Features such as the exterior material of the building, the chemical properties of the paint used on the walls, the heat and light insulation of the building are among the points that should be considered by those who want to create an ecological living space.

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