August 22, 2022

When you apply the right steps, performing complex tasks with multiple PDF files can become easy. It’s easy to split PDF or merge PDF documents, but how can you run through dozens of files to select a PDF containing a single phrase?

Combing through all those files for specific comments or annotations will waste your time, reducing your efficiency at work. To achieve productivity when dealing with documents, forms, and research papers, you need a PDF editor.

This article will cover some helpful tips to help you get the best out of PDFs. Use the information below to learn how to search PDF files and comments like a pro.

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Let’s dive in.

Search in multiple PDFs at once

If you can search through multiple PDFs at once, then you can complete complex tasks in a shorter time. This skill is useful, especially when you don’t recall what document bears the data you’re looking for or searching for something similar in many PDF files.

Apart from searching, you can also merge pdf online using an online PDF converter.

With a tool like Lumin PDF, you can simultaneously locate a word or phrase within several PDFs. Thanks to the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature, you can open and locate text in PDF files.

Here’s the easiest way to do a word search in your documents:

  1. Open the PDF reader on your device.
  2. Click on the “Edit” menu.
  3. Choose “Search” or press “Cmd + F.”
  4. Select “All PDF Documents” and then choose your PDF folder.
  5. Type a word or phrase and click “Enter.”
  6. You’ll find search results in all opened PDFs. Now, you can go through all the displayed documents and find what you’re looking for.
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A good PDF editing tool runs through all the PDF files in your folder to look for the term you typed in the search panel. You can also customize how your search query appears — like marking the Case-Sensitive checkbox.

Search through PDF comments and annotations

Comments and annotations are how users provide feedback and observations on PDF files without editing the text. Apart from PDF to Word conversion, another way to maximize PDF editors is to search through comments and annotations in PDF files. And if you’re thinking – yes, it’s possible to search through highlights on a PDF.

While Adobe PDF reader lets you search through comments in PDF files, unfortunately, it doesn’t work for cloud storage. You can select a PDF app that lets you search for PDF comments on cloud or device storage at no cost.

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After uploading the PDF to the editor:

  • Click on “Menu” to select the “Annotations” tab.
  • Scroll down to locate the search field.
  • Insert your search query and click “Enter.”
  • Search results will instantly display highlighted text, comments, and sticky notes.

Color coding is a quick way to sort through notes on PDFs when highlighting text using different colors. You can identify comments within a text if you know what color to look for. Let’s show you how:

  1. Go to “Menu” and click the “Annotations” tab.
  2. Scroll to locate the search field.
  3. Click on the color wheel close to “Search.”
  4. Pick a color. You’ll see all the matching-color annotations fast.
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This same method can help you locate bookmarks and outlines within PDF files.

How to secure a PDF

Sharing PDF files will make your information susceptible to danger, so it’s essential to secure PDF documents. Gratefully, there are several ways to protect your files without breaking the bank.

Most PDF editors allow you to password-protect or encrypt your files to control how people access your content. Other security controls to add to PDFs include customized watermarks, limited printing or sharing, and PDF tracking options.

Note that some security options are more advanced than others, and depending on your needs, you can choose the right security to install on PDFs. If you create or combine PDF files to share with friends and colleagues, passwords and encryption keys might be adequate security.

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For sensitive file data within business contracts and government legislation, deploy higher security features. Options like electronic signatures, copyright protection, and DRM controls are locked within paid plans on a PDF editor.

How to annotate PDF files

You may ask, how can I annotate a PDF? A PDF annotator tool is useful for adding comments to a PDF file without altering the text. It’s possible to highlight, underline, strikethrough, or add sticky notes, shapes, and text boxes to a PDF.

To make comments like convert PDF to Word on a document or split PDF files into multiple PDF files, you can annotate it on the PDF.

Getting a specialized PDF annotator might be expensive, especially when you can afford a good PDF editor containing tools for annotation. There are two ways to annotate PDF documents with your device. If you don’t want to annotate PDF online, you can choose an offline editor to add comments faster.

  1. Upload your PDF to the editor.
  2. Click on the “Comment” tab and select “Annotate.”
  3. Select any tool on the “Annotation” tab to add comments.
  4. Save and download the finished document.
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The downside of using an online annotation tool is that it may provide limited features compared to a PDF reader. An intuitive PDF editor like Lumin PDF offers many options on the annotation tab so that you can provide helpful feedback without making edits.

Most PDF reader apps let you split PDF file into two parts and add digital signatures as an advanced annotation feature at little or no cost.

How to search for PDF on Google

It may not be common news, but you can conveniently find PDF files on Google. In fact, you can locate documents of all file formats if you know how to operate Google search commands.

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These commands are special operators on Google to help streamline your search to closely related results. Google Search operators are also commands for locating files with a specific extension (such as .pdf, .docx, or .ppt) within a site domain.

Suppose you want to locate an “Introduction to Web Design eBook PDF” on Google, here’s the easiest way to find it:

  1. Open Google on your device.
  2. In the search bar, input “filetype:PDF web design ebook.
  3. Click “Enter.”
  4. Search results will appear in a jiffy.

From the lists of PDFs displayed on search results pages, you can download any of them and open them with a free PDF reader.

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But what if you want a more specific PDF document online? For instance, if you need the Introduction to Web Design ebook within the Tech Radar website, this is how to do it.

  • Open Google.
  • Type in “website design ebook filetype:PDF” into the search bar:
  • Click “Enter.”

Google search results will show multiple PDFs on web design but only those on the TechRadar website. If you need to split or merge PDF files online, you can do this before you download.

How easy and convenient it is to search for PDF documents on Google.


Because PDF documents are the most popular format, you must learn how to tweak PDFs to your benefit. We encourage you to start maximizing PDF files to the fullest and using them to simplify workflows.

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Save plenty of time for your business when you split and merge PDF files with a PDF editing tool. There are loads of free tools you can choose from, but we recommend that you sign up for a free trial on Lumin PDF.

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