July 12, 2021

In today’s technological innovations, it would seem that almost nothing is impossible in terms of convenience and easy access to things. With the latest innovations, things have been improvised to be somehow connected to provide aid in an easy life.

Although dropping off your laundry at the nearest laundromat is convenient, having your laundry room at home is another level of convenience. A laundry expert recommends having these devices to make laundry more convenient at home.

There are many innovations in today’s time that aid in making one’s day-to-day life easy and convenient. One of these innovations is the smart laundry washer and dryer. The smart laundry washer and dryer aren’t the typical digital appliances one has available. You can connect these appliances to smartphones or networks to access features and have that optimum function. They have features that are only available when it is connected to such appliances.

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What do we have to know about these appliances?

Smart Laundry Washer

Smart laundry washers allow one to have more control over the laundry than the standard washing machine. And it offers a few more convenient features to make laundry uncomplicated and trouble-free.

Smart laundry washers could connect with one’s mobile device and have access to the control settings of the washer through a mobile device. It enables one to start, stop,  monitor, and schedule wash cycles using a mobile device as a remote. Its control settings can also be accessed using voice commands with the use of virtual assistance AI technologies.

Smart laundry washers have built-in sensors. It sends notifications whenever certain parts need repair, whenever it’s due for regular maintenance, or whenever the detergent level is running low or is not enough for a wash cycle. Notifications are sent to the mobile device it is connected to.

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Also, because of its high technology, one can download new specific wash cycles depending on the types of fabrics one owns. And since smart laundry washers can be synced to a smart home system, they can be easily monitored in terms of energy consumption and can be set up to have automatic energy-saving features.

Smart Dryer

A smart dryer is better paired up with a smart laundry washer to do laundry more manageably and more conveniently. And just like a smart laundry washer, its control settings can be accessed through WiFi connectivity of any device to start, stop and extend cycles.

It also sends notifications whenever a cycle is finished or status updates on the machine that needs attention from the owner. One can also download new cycles that best fit the types of fabric one owns, and the usual load in every laundry.

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Like the smart laundry washer, a smart dryer can be connected to a smart home system to have full access to one’s laundry system and have that full convenience one aims to have.

Some manufacturers combined smart washers and dryers into one for clients who have smaller spaces to do laundry and for those who are on a budget. But in either way, having appliances that can be controlled using accessible gadgets would promote an easier way to do one of the time-consuming chores.

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