October 2, 2021

Parents should think about the quality of knowledge and the level of development of their children. Sometimes the best form of education is the combination of school with individual lessons. This article analyzes all the advantages of this approach.

School Gives Information, Not Knowledge

Indeed, our educational system puts the child in conditions dictated by the authors of programs and textbooks. Program tasks were designed for a certain abstract student with a certain level of development sufficient for presenting the material.  Such a student has a basic set of knowledge, can understand a large flow of information.

This abstract student can highlight and remember the main information. Besides, they can switch and hold attention at the right moment to do a certain amount of work independently in the form of homework (often quite large). Most of the existing manuals allow just such a student to climb exactly one step higher by studying each point or paragraph. However, this abstract student is not a real person. Attending school means receiving information. Nevertheless, most children cannot learn everything from the first time. What is more, they don’t know how to do this.

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School Doesn’t Teach to Learn From Mistakes

Modern class preparation leaves little space for feedback from students. That is, mistakes made at a certain moment by a particular student, as a rule, are not analyzed in any way. The school doesn’t learn care how well the student learned the material. For this reason, many of them would benefit from studying with a calculus tutor.

There Is No Individual Approach at School

A teacher adapts the textbook material for a specific class. But not all students are the same. Besides, they should choose tasks, a form of work, and methods of explaining the material. There exists a huge problem of selecting children for various educational institutions and classes. All of them are different individuals. However, the teacher doesn’t have time to analyze the mistakes of all children. This happens due to the lack of time and necessary conditions. The methodology is influenced only by the average performance of the entire class. What is more, many teachers were not taught to work with children.

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Not All Teachers Know How to Approach Children

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Graduates of technical universities (especially those with low indicators of professional aptitude) often cannot find a suitable job in their specialty. Since most of them have a mathematical apparatus, there is a feeling that this is enough for teaching. However, most of them do not know how to translate their ideas in the right way. Such professionals arrange ununderstandable textbooks that contain mistakes. What is more, they teach children based on these improper materials.

Teachers who do not have sufficient experience communicating with schoolchildren usually explain the material in a way suitable to adults. They also plan lessons, not paying attention to the physiology of the student. Then, after seeing the low average performance, such teachers accuse children of bad preparation. In fact, it is the teacher who should teach and find an approach. For this reason, many kids attend tutors.

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