September 16, 2022

Back in the day, people used to just book a venue and get their weddings sorted without any hassle. But, now as the world is evolving – there are many ideas that people come up with for their wedding, to make it stand out from the rest. If you have sent out your wedding invitation – here are some decor ideas that will make your event a hit!

Photo booth

When your friends turn up to your event – they would want this day to be a part of their lives forever. Now, taking pictures from your phone is mundane. And people appreciate something out of the box. So, take a few minutes with your vendor to set up a photo booth at your wedding.

You can set it up at the entrance so people can take a picture as soon as they come in (with fresh makeup). A few years later, everyone will look back at these pictures and appreciate your gesture. And you will too, look at these shots with your spouse and feel good.

Flower crowns 

If you are holding a wedding in an open-air venue – then grab some flower crowns or weave them yourself for your guests (kids). It will add a beautiful touch to the venue and little kids running around with flower heads will add to the whole vibe of the event.

Wish station 

Yes, we just made this up. But listen to the idea. Set a table with some cute stationery. For example, pens and paper. So that the guests can write up something for the couple.


It will be a beautiful souvenir to cherish a few years down the line. You can frame these papers and hang them in your house. A pro tip would be to add a save the date cards to the mix. It will be a gorgeous and thoughtful addition to your house.

Add rugs 

Lawn weddings are in fashion these days. But when you have such a big space – it can have a downside too. For example, the space can look empty. So, you can add some rugs to elevate the decor. It will make it easier for you to place the chairs too – and the rugs would look beautiful.

You can add a few to the lawn and then choose the most stunning one to go for the main section where the wedding would take place. Some grass popping out of the corners of the rug would add the perfect touch to your wedding pictures.

Drinks on ice buckets 

You cannot have a wedding without serving some drinks to the guests. Now, you can add these bottles to a table and they will get ruined by getting warm. So, save yourself from the hassle and add the drinks in ice buckets.

They will look great and serve the purpose too. You don’t have to place them on each table but when the food is served – make sure that you set a table for the bottles so the servers can grab them for each table as the guests pop in their requests.

The bottom line 

Weddings are fun, but it’s hard to plan them in this day and age. It’s because things are so complicated now. But, with this article, you can add a few items to your list. They are both gorgeous and serve a purpose too. For example, the ice buckets and bottles.

They will keep the drinks cold, and elevate the decor at your wedding. Especially if it’s an outdoor event.

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