May 4, 2022

There is no homeowner in Sydney who hasn’t experienced the issue of blocked drains in their homes. Rectifying a blocked drain takes up a lot of energy and time.

But why does the issue of blocked drains in Sydney occur?

While there could be many reasons behind this mess, what is important is how one takes account of the matter and fixes it.

Through the following article, you will know the main reasons behind blocked drains and who is responsible for them.

Read on!

Leading Causes of Blocked Drains

Here are some of the common causes behind blocked drains in your home.

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Tree roots

One of the most common reasons in old homes behind blocked drains is plants and dirt. If the sewer line is in close contact with the tree roots, there will be a negative impact on the sewer lines.

A good indication of blocked drains is the noticeable gargling noise from your sewer line. Moreover, if you live in an area close to trees, you must first check for a tree root invasion.

Hair Strands

Hair is also a potential drain blocker. These hair cause disruption in the water flow. It is a minor problem, and one can let go of the blockage by pulling the build-up hair in the drain. This can be done using a bent hanger wire.

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Kitchen sinks experience a grease build-up many times. When this grease washes down in the sink and through the drain, it tends to cool down and thereby hardens. This hard grease causes blockage in the drains.

Due to such scenarios, it is always recommended not to pour oil down the drain or the sink in your kitchen.


Disposing of your toiletries in the drain is a big-time no-no. This will result in significant issues in both your drain and sewers.

Many households end up flushing baby wipes and their diapers down the toilets. These toiletries absorb moisture, increase in size and then block the flow of water in these pipes and the drainage.

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Aging pipes

The aging of the pipe can also cause blocked drains. With time, the pipes in the sewer systems start corroding and disintegrating, ending up becoming saggy.

Such pipes are affected mainly during the winter months. Most of the trash is blown away by the wind flow in the spring. This dirt moves into water and sticks on the inner side of water pipes, leading it to clog.

Who is Responsible for Blocked Drains?

The Sydney Water Corporation owns, takes care of, and is accountable for its sewer pipe wastewater network, i.e., the mainline. Each homeowner gets the point of contact with the main sewer line for their property.

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These private sewer pipes in contact with the main sewer line can be connected at multiple places such as the backyard, front yard, side of your house, or even your neighbour’s property.

So, rest assured, any Sydney homeowner could be responsible for any blocked drains in Sydney, damage to the private sewer pipes system, and maintaining the proper functioning of the same.

Wrapping Up

So, now you know the leading drain blockage indicators. Other reasons such as chemicals or poor water flow will also negatively affect your drains.

Remember that taking a timely step in finding a solution to the issue is critical in the case of blocked drains.

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